Saturday, December 11, 2004

Back home

Well, after one week at home I'm back in Korea. On the first day I felt so refreshed and ready for the next stint. That lasted all of 2 days. It was good to go home and see everyone, but it was good to get back to the familiar and comfortable.
On a completely different subject, a feeling of dissatisfaction with the world has been growing within me this past year. The more I look, the more I see how shallow the world is becoming, and how that is reflected in society. It's all flashing lights, noisy bells, and selfishishness.
On the other hand, I saw one of my best friends get married while I was at home, and hope that one day I too will find someone with whom I can share everything, and with whom I can have something meaningful. It does kinda feel like everyone is getting married these days. I hardly know any single people any more.


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